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LFL Division 2 ROSTER

As announced in the press release of 01/05/2021, BK ROG Esports makes its arrival in LFL Division 2 this year.

Such an announcement hid a very natural news, who will be the players and staff who will we represent during this season in one of the most prestigious divisions in Europe?

The suspense will not therefore have been long, and it is on Saturday January 8 that the officialization of our team was made.

It is therefore with great pride that we present to you the team that our Coaching / Staff, including Axel "21XXX" Dandieu as manager & Paul "Supernova" Pique-Audrain as coach has been able to constitute:


JUNGLE : OUTLANDISCH MIDLANE : ZOIREN SUPPORT : VEIGNOREM AD CARRY : BLACKROG SUB : FREAZY A European team which will arrive on the fault on January 17th for its first official match against Atletec at 8:00 pm. For more information on our teams, follow us on our social networks: Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.



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