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Welcome DUKEY (Fortnite)

Today, the club is proud to announce his new Fortnite talent!

After almost a year of presence on the Epic Games gaming scene with the arrival of Pickiss & Stairs, it's time to take a step back.

DUKEY will be a major asset in the club's strategy to bet on the young generation of players who only ask the clubs' confidence to let their talent explode.

Shortly before his announcement, we spoke with him so you could get to know him:

What was your background before joining BKROG?

- This is the first time that I have joined a project as established and developed as BK ROG, I went through very few structures before arriving there. I started out by joining NewGamblers which taught me a lot and which is unfortunately closed at the moment. I then returned to Monaco Esports a few months after leaving NewG with the return of the Trio for the FNCS.

In what state of mind do you arrive within the club & what are your objectives for this new season which begins? - I am determined for this new chapter and this new year not to be left behind and be part of the best from start to finish. The main objective of this year is to climb into the European Top 50 and to prove my true level thanks to the new annual mode that is the duo. It's a whole new start for me! There is no doubt that Dukey will be a weapon of choice for the club in the trophy conquest for 2022!

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