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BK ROG recently completed its first split in LFL, the prestigious French league on the League of Legends video game, successfully ranking 8th during the regular season. This position, although it did not qualify for the playoffs, testifies to a solid performance for a first season.

The team has shown great determination and great team spirit throughout this first season, which will allow them to capitalize on this experience to progress and improve their skills. The future looks bright for BK ROG, and their LFL journey is just the beginning.

The BK ROG journey in this LFL split has been a rewarding experience, with moments of success and learning. The team started the season with a series of challenges, but quickly showed resilience as they won back-to-back games and edged closer to the top of the standings.

Although a loss on the final day in a breathtaking game prevented the team from qualifying for the playoffs, it is important to highlight the positive aspects of their journey. The players demonstrated their potential by competing against some of the best esports clubs in France, showcasing their talent and team synergy.

This experience will serve as a springboard for the future, and we can be proud of this team. Their determination and team spirit will allow them to progress and come back even stronger next season.

Asked about this first split in the French elite

the CEO of the club Nicolas CHOITE expresses himself in these terms:

"This split was lived from the inside with a lot of pride, although we are young in the league, we were able to prove that we should not be taken lightly. We are also proud to have been able to integrate into our ranks of players from different backgrounds (the club has imported two Korean players to complete its roster in key positions: ADC & Toplaner) who have brought their experience to this mix between young players & cador of the scene. Be ready for the next split we won't let go."

Although BK ROG failed to make the playoffs in their first season in the LFL, the team managed to secure a respectable 8th place in the overall standings. The players have shown great potential and determination, and can look forward to an even better performance next season. BK ROG fans have reason to be proud of their team, which has managed to make a name for itself in one of the most competitive areas of esports in France. For more info on our teams, follow us on our social networks: Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.



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