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After a promising first split in the French League of League of Legends (LFL), we return for the Summer Split with renewed ambition.

Our team has kept its key players, and made a change of coach, aiming to further strengthen its competitive potential.

But what are the real reasons allowing us to display our ambition for this season when we are determined to reach new heights.

In the first LFL split, we showed solid performances and managed to defend our position until the last day (a victory was missing to allow the team to qualify for the playoffs).

The team has developed great cohesion and exceptional individual talent, winning against some of the toughest teams in the league. This experience has strengthened the team's determination to come back stronger than ever.

For this new season, the BKROG staff has made the decision to change coaches in order to further stimulate their competitive potential. The new coach: Jarge brings vast experience and valuable strategic insight to guide the team to victory. This decision is intended to demonstrate our club's commitment to excellence and our desire to continuously improve.

BKROG is clearly showing its high ambitions for this summer split. Indeed we are not only aiming for performance during the French championship but also a qualification for the EMEA Masters where the largest structures on the continent will compete.

Based on our experience during the first split, we have identified the areas in which we can improve and we are determined to actively work on them.

The team is focusing on several key aspects to achieve its goals. First, it emphasizes communication and coordination, crucial elements for excelling in team play. In addition, BKROG we invest time and resources in the in-depth analysis of opposing strategies, in order to better counter them and gain a tactical advantage.

The team is also aware of the importance of maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere within the group. A strong team spirit and mutual trust are essential to overcome obstacles and excel.

The Co-Founder of the club Geoffrey Paroissien speaks on this subject:

In order to establish a real relationship between the players and allow them to express their full potential during this split, we gathered the whole team in bootcamp, several weeks before the start of LFL & we did our best to put in a healthy environment both in terms of lifestyle and workspace.

We are ready to enter the LFL Summer Split with renewed ambition. After a promising first split and a change of coach to strengthen its competitive potential, the team aspires to reach new heights. With an approach focused on communication, coordination and strategic analysis, BKROG is determined to qualify for the playoffs and win the LFL championship. We can't wait to see the players show their skills on the competitive stage and hope to have a memorable summer split. For more info on our teams, follow us on our social networks: Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.



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