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Following the booming of the French League of Legends scene, BK ROG Esports was keen to come back to a game that was part of its squad a few years ago.

As a result, we have chosen to partner with GamersOrigin in order to recover their Division 2 slot of the LFL following the new rules put in place by Riot Games. Full team management will be handled by BK ROG Esports. However, thanks to their previous experiences, GamersOrigin will be a partner of choice to help us achieve our goal for this season: Join them in the LFL!

This is also the moment to thank Asus ROG for this merger with our club, which allows us to fully live our dreams.

Be ensured that we will do our best to allow our players to shine this year!

See you on January 17 for our first match in Division 2!

For more information about our teams, follow us on our social networks: Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.



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